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Whether you are traveling for work or vacation, our Azalea Lakes veterinary team knows that it is never easy to leave a beloved pet at home. That’s why our clinic offers pet boarding. Our compassionate, responsible kennel staff keeps pets safe and secure during their time in boarding. You can enjoy your travel knowing that your pet is securely enjoying his/her visit with us.

Due to pet safety and health concerns, our veterinarians strongly discourage pet owners from leaving their pets home alone for extended periods. Even if a neighbor is able to check in on your pet once a day, this is still no substitute from the regular companionship and attention that your pet is used to receiving. Consequently, pets can become stressed and anxious.

If your pet is home alone and a health emergency occurs, it could be hours or days before your pet receives emergency care. At our vet clinic, you can relax with the knowledge that should your pet need emergency care, our veterinarian is just steps away. Your pet’s vet records are already on file and our veterinary care team will act swiftly to protect your pet’s health.

If your pet is new to boarding or had a negative experience in the past, it is natural to worry about how your pet will adjust to boarding in our vet clinic. We recommend a “test run” for pets prior to an extended boarding visit. A short, overnight stay in our kennel will help your pet adjust to our routine and environment and, most importantly, your return the next morning will reassure your pet that you will be coming back for him. Our veterinarian and kennel staff are happy to work with you on other ways to help your pet relax and enjoy his time at our “home-away-from-home,” as needed.

Pet boarding at our veterinary hospital provides owners with peace of mind. You can relax knowing that your pet is well cared for.

In order to ensure the safety and health of all pets in our vet clinic, we recommend pets being up-to-date on all core vaccinations. Dogs should also be vaccinated against bordetella (kennel cough) and all pets should be on heartworm and flea/tick preventatives.

To learn more about the benefits of pet boarding, or to schedule your pet’s boarding appointment, contact Azalea Lakes Veterinary Clinic today at 225-755-3838

Boarding Agreement Form

One form can be filled for multiple pets or you can provide one form for each pet, whichever is easier.  If one pet has more concerns, medications, special instructions, it may be easier to fill out separate forms for each pet.  Please be sure to include emergency contact information in case we need to reach someone while your pets are staying with us.

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