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Breeding Services

Knowing the optimal time to breed can greatly improve your conception rates in your breeding program. Azalea Lakes Veterinary Clinic offers vaginal cytology &/or progesterone levels on female dogs to calculate the stage of estrus. Vaginal artificial insemination (AI) or Trancervical Insemination (Surgical AI) are services we offer here at our clinic. When weighing dog breeding options, your most important concerns should be to protect your animal and to make sure the potential results are satisfactory to both breeders. If things were ideal, a tied mating through natural breeding would achieve maximum fertility and result in a successful litter. However, in breeding, conditions are not always ideal. Behavioral problems are a frequent reason breeders turn to AI. A nervous or aggressive female who will not allow a stud to mount her or a stud dog who doesn’t understand the process are examples. Most animals give birth without any complications, however occasionally mothers get into some trouble and need some help with delivery. Sometimes all that is needed is a little bit of medical care and support through labor and delivery, however sometimes surgery is necessary to save both the mother and the puppies. We do offer Caesarian Sections in these situations.

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